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The main functions of a finance department include planning, organizing, auditing, accounting, and controlling its company's finances. The finance department usually prepares & produces the company's financial statements. This department coordinates and executes financial transactions and activities, such as bill payment, invoicing, payroll, etc
Outsource company secretary services will remove the difficulties of screening and choosing the right secretary. Also, you will find someone with the right corporate knowledge who can help in meeting the right legislative compliances.
Without any doubt, presently, the fastest growing industry in the world is BUSINESS PROCESSING OUTSOURCING (BPO). It is true that because of COVID-19, this industry got a hit, the demand for BPO is still rising day by day. Businesses in every industry outsourcing non-core processes while employing more resources to core business roles.
There are plenty of outsourcing firms, which offer outsourcing services in practically all areas that you can think of. Also, there are outsourcing firms in many countries of the world, each providing their services at different rates. You may be spoilt for choice and may be tempted to give your work to a firm that
Doshi Outsourcing being the ideal payroll outsourcing partner for scores of firms has come up with a list of seven common payroll pitfalls that most employers or business owners face and would do well to be forewarned of.
To have a strong grip over the market, you have to be more competitive. To stay competitive, you have to strategic things. Hence, it is always better to outsource accounts, bookkeeping, VAT and payroll to the most reputed, reliable and recognised bookkeeping outsourcing company . Before providing…
Doshi Outsourcing being the ideal payroll outsourcing partner for scores of firms has come up with a list of seven common payroll pitfalls that most employers or business owners face and would do well to be forewarned of.
As the old saying says ‘It takes years to win a customer and only seconds to lose one’. Customers are the pillars for the success of a business. Either we sell goods on a cash or credit basis, we should have supporting evidence. A Bill is a memo or voucher or document indicating goods sold, quantity, rate, name, and address of the customer. It’s a stamp of being sales made to the customer. The billing pattern varies from one company to another but principal elements of billing/invoicing remain the same.
Before going into detail about the back office work outsourcing, it is a must that we should know, what is the importance of outsourcing and why it is required. If a business wants to grow in the market, they should come out with a strong strategy and proper execution of a plan.
Legal process outsourcing services to India is growing day by day. India is becoming the first choice for legal process outsourcing services. One get reliable, experienced and professional legal consultant very easily.
India is full of talented employees. They are educated and knowledgeable. We have expert accountants you can rely on. Depending on the nature of the business of your client, they will choose the correct VAT Scheme to make them pay the correct amount of VAT. Thus, your clients will be happy with…
What is Situational Intelligence and Emotional Intelligence? You might have come across terms like Situational or Emotional intelligence in your daily life. However, what these terms mean and when is it used?

Did you know that NEST (the National Employment Savings Trust) – tailor-made by the UK government towards WPP or workplace pensions – has its back offices in India under the banner of TCS (Tata Consultancy Services)? And this development was way back, perhaps a couple of years before the coronavirus pandemic has turned the business world upside down.

Our back-office has been supplying non-customer facing resources for Insolvency Practitioners since 2016 because it makes sense. It makes sense as the operational tasks are process-driven and can be considered tedious and time-consuming, therefore attracting and keeping resources at a cost-effective rate is near impossible; consistency and longevity are key to success. Our Insolvency Administrative Services team can take care of all or some of your back-office administrative functions, you determine what and how much you work with us.

Key points to remember for filing sole trader self assessment tax return. Doshi outsourcing providers self assessment tax return preparation services to the UK accounting firms. We are having more than 20 years of experience in UK accounting, bookke...

If you are an accounting firm in the UK looking for quality services at a low cost you would surely consider outsourcing VAT services to India. Vat outsourcing can be advantageous to you in many ways. You can increase your productivity and profitability as it can boost your profit margins not just due to access work but also as you will get time to focus on client service. You save yourselves from the pressure as you can pass some work whenever you are overloaded.

In this article, we share some pointers that will assist your clients. Plus, there is also advice from our accountants on what they are doing to support their client bases. There is no doubt that the accounting line of work continues to evolve rapidly, and many of us believe that there is a noteworthy priority shift in the industry.