The sight words program for grade 1 is developed for primary level readers and it includes 6 learning levels that teach over 300 sight words. Engaging exercises teach colors, words and number words in a memorable way for students. For more details visit the Essential Skills website or contact their team today.

While language is embedded in virtually all schoolwork, math is often perceived as a special, unrelated subject. This concept needs to be overturned early in a child’s education. The explicit and sequential teaching of numeracy skills should be ongoing from the child’s first year of school. For more details visit the website

Essential Skills provides professionally developed online educational software that covers a range of subjects and levels. Before you decide on a class or school system, here are some things you should consider.

Essential Skills provide the best ELL resources for elementary students that help the students to learn vocabulary so that they can begin reading English. Visit the website of Essential Skills to know more or contact their team today.