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The Digital Camo Tactical Kilt is a contemporary kilt designed to fit you perfectly. It is made to measure, so it will fit you seamlessly regardless of your size.
The Digital Camo Tactical Kilt has cargo pockets, allowing you to store items with ease. If you need to fix something, you can just put your tools inside the pockets so that you don’t need to make several trips to your house just to get what you need.
Wear one of the world’s most popular tartans. The Stylish Black Watch Tartan Kilt is perfect for men who want to stay fashionable and comfortable at the same time.
The 42nd and 73rd became the 1st Battalion and 2nd Battalion respectively. The Black Watch has 5 Territorial battalions and 1 Reserve battalion. The battalion is most popular for wearing the Tam o' Shanter (Scottish bonnet for men) with a red hackle. They also wore kilts and today, you can feel what it’s like to wear a Black Watch tartan kilt.
This is cheaply priced durable, high-quality utility work kilt suitable for working men made in 100% comfortable fabric to battle discomfort and be stylishly unique as your work.
What makes this utility work kilt different from ordinary kilts? The designers especially created this utility kilt for working men. Just like the others, this is a versatile kilt for different occasions but the designers made it with working men in their minds. They created this particular kilt to give comfort and functionality for men with tough jobs.
This Black and White Full Dress Rabbit Fur Sporran is completed with original fur of rabbit with stylish chromed cantle, silver chains as well as caps for a full setup for Celtic fanatics. It has three fur rabbit tassels for an amazing and stylish look.
Do you want to build a remarkable impression or idea in your dress kilt? This Black and White Full Dress Rabbit Fur Sporran will surely take your whole appearance into a higher level.
This Irish Tartan Kilt is perfect for any special events like wedding, sports events like rugby games, football, Scouts or just fashion wear. It can be customizable according to your style and length.
Scottish kilt has a colorful and long record of tartans, while Irish kilts is a bit spotty. Irish kilts were probably a long tunic that is made from color cloth, normally dark green or saffron. This solid toned is a sign of Celtic nationalism in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Now, Irish kilts are a little bit simpler than the multi-color and plaid Scottish tartans kilt.
Shop this black rabbit fur sporran for a stunning look combined with your stylish kilt. Made from a striking black rabbit fur complete with matching five tassels, it makes a great full dress Scottish look. This is a great gift for your friend with a particular interest in Scottish heritage.
Dress in a stunning sporran made of beautiful black rabbit fur with three tassels featuring 100% genuine leather with chrome silver plating.
Are you looking for custom-made fashion kilt perfect for hard and tough jobs? This durable but soft customized club kilt here offers you the most comfort by using 100% cotton fabric. It is a high-quality rugged style kilt ideal for men with active, tough jobs. It features a unique design with leather apron making it perfect wear in daily use or when worn at work.
A made to measure fashion kilt complete with leather apron, it uses 100% cotton fabric to give you comfortable wear in the fall and summer seasons.
This full dress sporran is best worn for any formal events like wedding or sporting events. This can go hand in hand with a variety of jackets like Prince Charlie style and Braemar style.
This cowhide dress sporran with fashion blue cantle is a very formal sporran that is important to complete and enhance your current Scottish attire.
Ready to use sporran with high-quality chain belt that is easy to adjust. This sporran will make you look stunning and set apart from the rest. This is a highland outfit the same as wing collar cummerbund and bow tie. If you were attending an event that needs a
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Fashion kilt comfortable for wear with detachable pockets easily attached or reattached on both sides as per your need for added functionality and style.
This is a new design of fashion kilt complete with detachable cargo pockets on both sides. You can attach or reattach the pockets as you want and need to. Made 100% cotton, this fashion kilt offers extreme comfort for wear. This is a kilt design made especially for modern men reliving the Scottish heritage.
Shop traditional Scottish custom made cheap kilts for men. Our collections go beyond utility kilts to include jackets, Hybrid Kilts and Buckles and Sporrans.
Horse Hair Sporrans are made up of full horse hair. Most sporrans don’t have a built-in pouch. These days, horse hair sporrans are being worn by pipe bands and even by the military officials. Horse hair sporrans are also worn by people for their different formal events
Leather Sporrans are obviously made up of 100% leather. The product comes from a high quality leather with leather tassels. Most people choose to wear fashionable sporrans to complement with the formality of the attire or the outfit.
Full Dress Sporrans are perfect for formal occasions and other formal gatherings. These are often worn with kilts. Dress Sporrans are oval in shape and commonly made up of fur and a metal cantle. Since sporran functions just the same as a pocket, wearing this gives you space to put your wallet, keys etc.
Military Drummer Doublet could be your perfect choice which you can pair with your kilt. This is also handcrafted with different traditional methods. Military Drummer Doublet comes with different designs and colors.
This is also handcrafted with different traditional methods. Military Drummer Doublet comes with different designs and colors. You can choose from these base on your needs and taste. It is also patterned after the traditional doublets which are made from the best quality of materials. Military Drummer Doublets are best worn with Tartan Kilt. This will perfectly fit your needs if you are looking for the best and good quality of drummer doublets.
Your Kilt ensemble will never be complete without a kilt jacket. You can choose from a wide selection of kilt jackets that will best match your favorite kilt outfits. Kilt Jackets are tailored to satisfy your needs and fit the looks that you want to create. These jackets ensure that you will feel comfortable with high-quality coats. Kilt Jackets comes in a wide variety of colors, such as neutral colors, navy blue and green. You can also avail some of the decorated kilt jackets that will make you fashionable. Whether you are dressing casually just like a civilian style or you are dressing formally,
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Do you want to look fashionable and stylish wearing your kilt? Created especially for guys like is this Gothic style fashion kilt made of 100% cotton for comfort and classy look.