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A Security Operations Center (SOC) is a group of cybersecurity experts tasked with monitoring and assessing an organization's security.

SPOCHUB’s AA+ Testing Solution is an AI/ML based tool that finds lung abnormalities caused due to any respiratory illness. AA+ Testing Solution helps the medical fraternity to examines chest X-ray and diagnose any abnormality in lungs within few minutes.

the Cloud platform acts as a catalyst by providing storage space and cloud computing allows the analysis, processing, and managing of the data enabling IoT...

Smart farming is an efficient way to overcome farming challenges by leveraging technologies like IoT, robotics, AI, etc. Smart Farming is the future of Agriculture.

The key distinction between data security and data privacy is that privacy is concerned with ensuring that only those who are allowed to access the data...

An SAP System is the most critical workload for any enterprise as it helps businesses work smoothly using its end-to-end solutions.

Secure Your Website and Web Assets in these Challenging Times with VTMScan.

The past couple of years have witnessed the onset of Artificial Intelligence (AI) thriving in the technology sector. AI advancements have been leading up...

The use of AI & ML for smart services aids city planners in improving our landscape. Read about how this technology is changing the way cities are built.

eNlight WebVPN is a Cloud-based WebVPN for secure access to resources. It has an in-built WAF for enhanced protection against OWASP Top-10 vulnerabilities.

IoT Security services from a trusted provider like ESDS protect the IoT platforms against various forms of lifecycle attacks.

Famrut is an innovative Ecosystem which delivers future-ready farming solutions and connects farmers with all relevant stakeholders of the entire agricultural sector.

Digitization and archival of documents Make a Paperwork free office through Document Journey Management (DJM) Define a workflow and tracking mechanism in the system. Secure the users’ and systems’ data by integrating necessary security measures Assist the management in decision making using MIS reports and audit trials Bring mobility into day-to-day operations at your department using advanced techniques Portable and secured solution accessible by internet with proper authentication Single centralized system that is fully automatic, robust framework for all the operations.

Disaster Recovery is an organization’s strategy for recovering access and functionality to its IT infrastructure after events like a natural disaster, cyber-attacks, or even business disruptions. An assortment of Disaster Recovery (DR) strategies can be important for a Disaster Recovery plan. DR is one part of Business Continuity and is also known as Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS).

AI in the healthcare industry allows the medical fraternity to perform a number of activities in less time through the minutest of investments.

eNlight Meet- a completely secure, scalable, and personalized online meeting tool for smoother communication across audio and video channels

The adoption of Cloud Computing has exceeded the expectations of those who were forecasting large-scale acceptance of the technology by businesses of every sector.