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Prince Albert Angling Society has grown to be arguably the largest and most successful angling club in Europe. It is well over 220 waters, in a geographic area stretching from the Scottish Border in the North to the River Wye in the South, the Fylde Coast in the West and the Pennine Chain in the East.
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The concerns are more serious at the Lough due to the reason that around two years ago, almost the entire population of carp was killed. The idea behind these deaths was the outbreak of the carp Edema virus in the ecosystem of the Lough. For more details about turtles appearing visit this link!
A fisherman caught a 100 kg and belonged to a huge Mako shark. It seemed the shark had great healing abilities as the marlin bill had been inside the Mako’s head for many years. For more details visit this link!
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Visit this link to know whereby middle-aged angler reborn. The first of my fishing adventures in my goal to be an angler reborn. Also, would love to start catching some big carp again in the UK.
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