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If you haven’t upgraded your online education portal, then it’s time to seek elearning software solutions for much-needed changes. We will take you through a few solid reasons to justify that it’s high time you need to upgrade your elearning system.
IoT protocols are used to transmit messages or telemetry from IoT devices to IoT messaging hub. In this blog, we will understand different IoT protocols used across industries.
Implementing robust Enterprise mobility management solutions helps you avoid any exterior or interior threats related to healthcare data security. But implementing EMM solutions is not that easy.
Organizations - no matter small or big - across all industries build strong databases to manage and keep track of their inventory items. If you looking to implement inventory management software solutions for your business, here are a few important things you should know.

A combination of different useful technologies is termed as a technology stack, which is chosen to develop a useful product i.e. an application or a website solution.

Ecommerce is a sector that has kept on advancing with the advancement in technology. It has never looked back since its introduction in the late 1960s and has never had ever left any signs to look back for at least a decade to date.

LCMS and LMS are an essential part of eLearning software solutions. LCMS consists of features that match the functionalities of LMS. LCMS or the Learning content management system, on the other hand, is among the less highlighted services.
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Initially, virtual reality was only limited to the gaming market but now it is spreading its wings into different industries, including eCommerce. Many IT professional services are also there to help businesses in order to expand their process in diverse fields including virtual reality!
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IT professional services, IT consultation services, EDI 835 and 837 are two transaction types usually concerned with insurance matters. Especially in the case of claim and its application.

Augmented reality is the method to enhance the real physical world with various digital components such as sound along with other sensory stimuli through technology. AR is a growing trend in every industry.

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PayPal has been the favorite app for online shopping and money transfers. Hence, many business owners are approaching hybrid app development companies to fulfill their needs.

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LMS integration simply defines the compatibility of the LMS with other existing business applications. This way you can easily move your data between systems as well as gain access to integrated reporting.

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In a testing process, identifying defects is often termed as "error". The error is a mistake, that result and reflects in coding. A bug is thereby caused by the error found in the developmental ecosystem. An error or a bug can result in poor performance or crash of a program completely.

Agile methodology works on small sprints, that determine small tasks completion at a time and testing them for further movement in a project. Enhancements and timely upgrades assures the team about moving in the right direction.

Due to the rising ignite of online food platforms many developers and business owners are drifting towards the ecosystem of food delivery app development. However, if you are someone who is looking to create an app to deliver food, you are at the right place.

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There has been steady adoption of EDI in distinct industries, which has given a huge opportunity to the EDI outsourcing services. Here we will understand the challenges that a healthcare industry faces while transmitting their data into EDI and how an outsourcing EDI service provider can overcome these challenges seamlessly.

EDI for healthcare is considered as the most secure, convenient, and reliable way of data processing that allows medical providers with claim processing through a secure electronic data interchange.