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Gain clarity on key integration patterns that enterprises can follow as part of their integration engagements to mitigate common and recurring problems

Wipro showcases how cloud native technologies can digitally enable enterprises to provide a multi-channel, hybrid integration solution to meet the growing need for integration

Oracle's CPQ system can be integrated with Wipro's AI and automation platform to improve pricing anomaly detection and optimize contract intelligence solutions

Learn how insurers can tighten current AML solutions and how artificial intelligence can be leveraged to close the gaps of anti-money laundering activities

Learn how SAP HANA enables enterprises to analyze business data in real time to implement smarter innovation, accelerate processes and simplify business transactions

Learn the benefits of moving to ECL computation provisioning methodology by drawing on findings from a comparative study by Wipro on three banks

Learn how to improve developer and architect experiences with AI, to create smarter enterprises and overcome the challenges posed by digital transformation

Understand the types of automation - robotic process automation, analytics and cognitive process automation, and how hyper automation is the future of enterprise content management

Gain understanding on the benefits of Azure IoT suite and other Azure functions that can be leveraged by enterprises to optimize dev environments

Understand the benefits of microservices deployment modelling and the components of deployment and optimization modelling processes for digital enterprises

Learn how to derive maximum benefits from test data management and provision the right test data for business events to mitigate business risks and improve quality

Learn how to set up a cloud governance framework to drive effective cloud adoption while keeping enterprise strategies and goals at the center of the project

Learn how to build an enterprise engineering ecosystem of tomorrow by adopting the #democratizeEngineering philosophy to overcome software complexities and build modern applications

By leveraging SAP for utilities, companies can transform utilities solutions to become future-ready while reducing costs and improving customer experiences

Understand how software defined test environments have revolutionized testing in the DevOps world where all low-level environments are defined and controlled by software

Wipro highlights how software testing services and solutions have evolved in light of developments including agile, devops, continuous delivery, increasing customer pressure

An insurer migrated from legacy ESB solutions towards modernized core IT systems with Wipro's support, enabling the insurer to become more agile, efficient and compliant