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If you have been using the MT4 trading platform for a while, you might know it takes a lot of effort to keep the server up and running. Using advanced algorithms and server plugins enables functionality, platform integration, and customization, which streamline and automate trading operations based on specific requirements.

Some MT4/MT5 servers may experience trading-related issues, including groups configuration, instrument, data feed connectivity, latency trading, and more. A dedicated MT4 server manager can help you handle trading operations and prevent risks, which usually need diverse

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CPlugin Ltd is the leading software development company suppling top-rated software development services to accommodate forex brokers. The company has huge experience, a team of experienced professionals, dominant business insights, and a committed work process to supply solutions to complex queries. The company offers advanced JSON WebAPI for controlling the MT4 and MT5 server handily via any HTTP-enabled client. Advanced MT4 JSON WebAPI allows you to create/request/update/delete users, orders, server settings; make deposits/withdrawals, change leverage, etc with very low fees based on usage.

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As the focus on automation and technologically advanced solutions is growing, you can have all the traits with additional plugins and add-ons. Besides the default features, there are dozens of MT4/MT5 plugins and exceptional solutions available for the MT4 server manager to fine-tune your trading processes.
Source Link: https://sites.google.com/view/cplugin/home