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Taking advantage of innovations and solutions that can improve an enterprise’s SAP access policy management can go a long way in securing confidential information and relieving IT and security team’s tension.
The security team at Collin County had observed potential vulnerabilities in their network regarding potentially unknown people accessing bank account routing numbers. By modernizing its PeopleSoft infrastructure by implementing ASP's MFA and logging and analytics capabilities, Collin County secured remote access for banking transactions and improved employees' payroll data security by successfully detecting and blocking external threats.
For many organizations, the incorporation of SSO with human resource management tools is a challenge. PeopleSoft HCM, for instance, does not have the capabilities to ensure the most recent SAML-based SSO requirements.
While many companies are hit by breaches, those who have added automation in place with behavioral analytics, cloud data control, and machine learning are much better.
PeopleSoft HCM is a key application for organizations worldwide and provides robust functionality for central and strategic HR. It is designed to meet the complex needs of large organizations and can be deployed on-site or in the cloud. It is a treasure trove of personal data.
PeopleSoft HCM is an excellent HR management system that provides comprehensive business solutions for complex organizational needs. It is primarily designed to concentrate on the transactional activities of the company. The problems linked to cost and compliance are minimized by automating and centralizing these transactions.
To provide the company with an understanding of what happened with their ERP data, simple, actionable insight is required. Data security and analytics solutions are available that log granular data access for users, compare current ERP logs
Organizations are turning to technology solutions that offer fine-grained, data-centric control and actionable insights into user behavior. It is important to concentrate risk management strategies on data with a multitude of transactions being conducted in real-time instead of static roles and approvals.
David Pigman of SpearMC consulting presented Advanced PeopleSoft Security Audit.

Most of the presentation consisted of walking through slides of the PeopleTools security table structures, along with some discussions of things to watch out for. Some examples included key field names that are different between tables (which means Query won’t autojoin), decoding the ACTIONS field
Any organization may become the victim of cybercrime, from large and small corporations to academic institutions and government agencies. Combined with basic technical controls, employee education and training is an efficient way to help avoid human error and handle the organization’s security threats.
Gartner recently released a report addressing the speculations around Oracle’s on-premise and cloud ERP applications. Focusing on Oracle ERP customers’ frequently asked questions, the report is aimed at helping CIOs make informed decisions on whether Cloud applications are a viable replacement for their on-premises suites. Here are the most important takeaways and highlights from the … Continue reading "Best Practices for Approaching Oracle Cloud Applications – March 29th Gartner Report"
A paradigm of zero-trust security is critical in the era of digital transformation. In comparison to the old ‘trust but verify’ approach, the new way of thinking is based on never trusting, constantly verifying, and minimizing access to the resources with dynamic micro-segmentation

By scrambling or removing sensitive data from production and non-production systems, Data Masking can prevent compromised privileged user account information from being used to gain access to sensitive data such as Social Security Numbers.

Greg Wendt, GreyHeller’s Executive Director of Security Solutions and Services, said “I’m consistently amazed that more organizations haven’t implemented Data Masking or Two-Factor Authentication.”
We should expect further breaches in 2021 as companies begin to move to and embrace newer cloud-native applications. Most companies do not have a long-standing, solid security posture to cope with these environments, and some exposure would be generated by the novelty and lack of expertise in them
From a PeopleSoft customer perspective, phishing attacks can be a daily event. Sophistication and success of these attacks varies greatly. End user training and support only goes so far in defense of the organization. Costs of remediation continue to soar. All it takes is one slip – one click – one password.

Compromised ERP solutions cost organizations time, money and lost credibility with constituents.
Data privacy laws set in place safeguards for how our information is used by corporations. However, data regulation has changed significantly over the past two decades to keep up with rapid technological advances and the increase in online activity.
June phishing attacks accounted for over $400 million in global losses. 57% of global phishing attacks are targeted at the U.S.

The attacks in June were a 43% increase over May attacks.

Protect your systems before it is too late.