The MAC2400 – Twin Stack air compressor of Makita brand is blowing away the competition. Unlike other noisy compressors, Makita MAC2400 big bore 2.5HP air compressor is completely calm. This quality has made it emerge from the various compressors. The seamless fit and great quality adds style to the spot where it stands. In spite of being massive, it serves the need of keeping auto/wheel barrow tires inflated, finishing carpentry and framing too.

There are other uses too for which you can utilize this little workhorse. In one line in the event that somebody needs to aggregate up this compressor, it can be said that this fabulous air compressor by Makita is sufficiently enormous to drive flooring nailers but at the same time, small abundantly plugged into a typical wall outlet and be simply portable. It works smooth with all pneumatic tools too.

They guarantee the best for their customers. No wonder, the Makita MAC2400 has gotten positive remarks and praises from all its users. What is there to be said about this air compressor (other than it is absolutely superb in every manner). In fact and I’m not getting biased here but left know to me it is the best air compressor so far. It is immeasurably powerful, provides compacted air at a stable rate, is quiet, and it has a Big Bore oil-lubricated pump for longer life and better durability.


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