Learn how to play online rummy, play practice match the rummy game with us at RummyPassion. Just go through with rules, register with us and start play games on practice to Improve your online games with Us. Enjoy Indian rummy game variants free & cash games.


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    Rummy, one of the most ancient card games, is quite a popular household game in India. This amazing card game, that once required people to gather and physically be present in order to play, is now easily available online. And, Classic Rummy offers one of the best rummy online gaming platforms - for both beginners as well as pros!

    To Show the cards while playing rummy a sequences consists of three or more cards of the same suit in order (Pure Sequence, Impure Sequence, First Life, Second Life). Sets are a group of 3 or 4 cards with same rank but different suite. Sets can contain Jokers. Make sure all the 13 cards are arranged in a proper Sequence and Sets. At least one pure sequence is required for a valid show declaration. Select your unwanted card and select ‘Show’. For more information on How to play rummy you can on classic Rummy Website.

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