MR. K.R Malik the chairman of the Sairung Developers is the man with a dynamic personality. His entrepreneurial mindset and skills enable him to do work that is challenging and profitable in the long run. His aspirations and a desire to win every business opportunity have been the driving factor behind the growth o ...


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    In Pune city and also near PMC and PCMC one of the top 10 builders
    Following are the major builders in Pune
    1. Sairung Developers
    2. Pancheel group
    3. Goel Ganga
    4. Kumar Builders
    5. Kolte Patil Group
    6. Lunkad Group
    7. Brahma Corp
    8. Nyati
    9. B. U Bhandari
    10 Kumar builders

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    One of the Top 10 builders in pune

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