OWC (Automatic Organic Waste Converter) machine manufacturers based in Noida, SVM infraestate is a leading providers for effective and unique solution for recycling of all kinds of bio-degradable waste which converts it into compost. The company is engaged in a variety of social and environmental improvement activities in India. Our core focus areas include Organic Waste Management and Optimizing Natural Resources.

Leading Manufacturer of Fully Automatic Organic Waste Converters such as Organic Waste Converter, Organic Waste Composter, Organic Waste Shredder, Organic Waste Converter semi automatic, OWC Composting Machine fully automatic, Garbage Composting Machine, Organic Waste Composting Machine and many more items.
Call @ 7290042836 Toll Free No. 18004199698 for more details.
Visit Our Official Site: http://www.organicwasteconvertermachine.in


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