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If we are not fit, we may experience a lot of clinical complications like cardiovascular issues, body pains, uneven metabolic process, weight problems and even more. It is really vital for us to be completely suited order for us to do our tasks correctly.

'Trusted Nannies' is a nanny agency in London who has experienced nannies with them. Their experience helps us to be confident about their work. People residing in London have several advantages of hiring a nanny to take care of their loving child.

This is a pack of 2 newborn dry-feel soakers with 100% organic cotton.

They is compatible with newborn cover diapers. They are 8 layers of absorbent organic cotton with SUPERDryFeel layer on top so that the baby does not feel wetness even after peeing.

Do note that the Stay dry layer is what comes in contact with baby’s skin and keeps it dry. These pads are contoured and shaped for a good comfortable fit and has snaps to hold in place.

Each soaker lasts upto 3 hours for average wetting babies.

If you want more absorbency, you can...

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