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Dua, duas,

Ar Rehman
(The Beneficent)

One who recites this name 100 times will get sharp memory.

Al ‘Adl
(The Just)

One who eats the bread after writing this name Friday night, will obey his order.

Al ‘Afuw
(The Pardoner)

One who recites this name frequently, his sins will be pardoned.

Al Ahad
(The One)

Recitation of this name 1000 times opens certain secrets.

(The Last)

One who recites this name frequently will lead a good life and at the end of this life will have a good death.

(The Most High)

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Provides Islamic information, women in Islam articles, and resources for Muslims and those seekers of the way of life that is called Islam, peace and submission to God.
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Books Catagories

Dr. Muhammad Imran Usmani
Mufti Muhammad Taqi Usmani
Dr. M Abdul Hai Arfi o Qudoosi
Dr. Muhammad Abdul Hai
Imam Muhammad Khazali
Manshi Abdul Rehman Khan
Molvi Noor Muhammad
Mufti Muhammad Ashiq Elahi
Mufti Muhammad Kifayat Ullah
Mufti Muhammad Shafi Usmani
Muhammad Iqbal Qureshi
Muhammad Rashid
Muhammad Saquib Rasalpori
Mulana Abdul Rauf Sakharwi
Mulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi
Mulana Ejaz Ahmed Samdani
Mulana Marghoob Ahmed Lajpori
Mulana Mufti Abdul Hakeem
Mulana Muhammad Anwari
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Abridged English translation of the classic work Al-Bidayah wan Nihayah. This book focuses on the events after the death of the Prophet Muhammad.
PDF Quran in Othmani and Indo-Pak Scripts with Tafseer-e-Usmani and hadith, Free Quran Tafseer Software with Recitation, Islamic Books
Islamic knowledge and resources according to the enlightened traditional Way of Ahlus Sunnah. Learn about the reality of Islam, shari'ah, tasawwuf and more.
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