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    eemakhan0 2049 days ago Permalink

    My account got reactivated after a thorough investigation held last week. 5Stars forex is the only considerate broker. After explanations, the company decided to unblock my account and told me not to violate the rules again. Thank you 5Stars forex.

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    ebonyday 2055 days ago Permalink

    I have worked with 5Stars forex for over six months. During this period I have already managed to estimate numerous possibilities which the company offers. The main plus of the company is its dynamics, as 5Stars forex launches new up-to-date services. I also like the official website which is very informative. To my mind, quick opening and closing of orders is a very significant positive feature. Moreover, 50% rescue withdraw bonus program by 5Stars forex is very important too. The Support Department is always quick and provides correct assistance. The company has modern offices that are well-equipped. The managers of the office are communicative, professional and optimistic. I would also draw attention to advanced analytical reviews on the website of the company and webinars, which are held regularly.

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    MdSowifeHoss 2058 days ago Permalink

    I give 5Stars forex a standing ovation for service, support, technology, everything is A+. I trade for several clients on a PAMM account and have never had an issue with any aspect of their service. Their spreads is very reasonable. Supports are extremely helpful. I haven't any issues regarding funding and withdrawing.

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    MdMamunRasha 2065 days ago Permalink

    Up to now I haven’t had any problems with my trading in 5Stars forex, they have given me all the information and services I have asked for I have increased my money trading as an investor in the PAMM system and the best is that there is no need to have a lot of money trade within this service nor have a lot of experience as there are other traders who trade for you and you can monitor all the trading with no problems. For me, this broker is the best!

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    DavidZimmer 2069 days ago Permalink

    I chose 5Stars forex broker because I found all the information on their website convictive. After I checked the speed of mt4 work and successfully transfer my money out I formed my opinion that with this broker I can rely on fair business at forex.

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    monishakha 2074 days ago Permalink

    I am completely satisfied with the services provided by 5Stars forex Company. The trading platform performs correctly; both opening and closing orders are executed immediately. I’ve been trading with 5Stars forex Company since July 2015. I’ve done a training course which helped me a lot with my trade on the Forex market. Whatever problems I had, I could always rely on the company’s professional support and prompt assistance.

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    gonishaga 2078 days ago Permalink

    I am totally satisfied with my trading with 5Stars forex. This broker provides me all tools and help I need for a successful trading. Spreads are fixed in major currencies and up to now, I haven't seen requotes in its trading platform. Withdrawals are instant as well as deposits.

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    khobirahmed 2083 days ago Permalink

    Forex trading requires knowledge and patience. No one got huge profits without proper practice. So, I advise you to please open a demo account before investing your own funds & 5Stars forex will do the rest.

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    KornelBarta 2087 days ago Permalink

    I have experienced excellent communications before, during, and after opening a live account with 5Stars forex. Fast execution both in and out, stable and reliable server. They always develop new and improves already existing products and services to make the work of its customers much easier and the most effective.

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    JhonKyle 2093 days ago Permalink

    Support and professionalism of 5Stars Forex have impressed me. I have deposited over 5,000 with this broker and execution is perfect for my style of trading.

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    DavidZimmer 2098 days ago Permalink

    Up to now I haven’t had any problems with my trading in 5Stars forex, they have given me all the information and services I have asked for I have increased my money trading as an investor in the PAMM system and the best is that there is no need to have a lot of money trade within this service nor have a lot of experience as there are other traders who trade for you and you can monitor all the trading with no problems. For me, this broker is the best!

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    RobertCrensha 2101 days ago Permalink

    This broker is my favorite’s broker. Oil, Gold, Silver, Forex with CFDs instruments available for trading. Very competitive spreads, easy withdrawal of funds; and great customer service. Now I trade exclusively with 5Stars forex after having traded with a number of other brokers in the past.

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    AlexFx 2103 days ago Permalink

    Also, this broker has allowed me to learn more about the forex market, they always provide me all the information I need to know and are so polite. Also, I could learned a lot thanks to their different courses too. For me, 5Stars forex is the most reliablebroker that is why I really recommend you to trade with 5Stars forex!

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    JhonFx 2110 days ago Permalink

    I give 5Stars forex two thumbs up. I'm a relatively new trader and they went over and above in providing me with the support and making sure I felt comfortable using their software. Impressed with their innovative products and offerings. Love their website. Easy to fund my account. Account was credited faster than expected.

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    SobujParvage 2115 days ago Permalink

    I have been trading on Forex for nearly 9 months. I like working and to be independent, that is why I chose Forex. I had changed several brokers before I started cooperating with 5Stars forex. I have been working with 5Stars Forex for some time and I make much money. 5Stars forex broker provides perfect trading conditions, withdrawals and deposits, plus bonuses – and I appreciate it. Work with 5Stars forex and earn money! I wish good luck to everyone and let the trend will always be by your side

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    natashachia 2120 days ago Permalink

    I am a client of 5Stars forex, more than a year, I found no problem with them. They always serve me very well and professionally. Each of my questions, 5Stars forex always responded with great detail.

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    RangerHachée 2125 days ago Permalink

    I have a long and prosperous relationship with 5Stars Forex and I still consider them as one of the best and most trustful Broker around. Especially ideal for beginners because of the user friendly platform and flexible position size. It’s really simple and evident to open-close-and modify your trades,Their customer support is class above, always been very friendly and resourceful. Great broker always.

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    Indrafx 2131 days ago Permalink

    Absolutely the finest customer service I have ever received from a brokerage. James and Tony are an awesome guys; Very supportive and knowledgeable. The 5Stars Forex Trader is a great platform, easy to use also loaded with promotions and contest.

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    MaxEichmann 2136 days ago Permalink

    5Stars Forex was the most convenient for me, no complications, smooth executions and easy withdrawals. I also love their platform as it is very easy to use and does not have any problems at all. I truly feel at appreciated with this broker. Also recommended to all.

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    KennethSmith 2144 days ago Permalink

    For many years I have worked the Forex market but I have found no one that is more helpful, personal, and professional as 5Stars Forex Broker. I am very pleased with what I have experienced and I look forward to a long relationship with them. I love to trade with 5Stars Forex because this is smart broker.

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    JongWee 2148 days ago Permalink

    I am very Very happy with my trades with 5Stars Forex. Almost all of them has been profitable and I could withdraw my earnings without any problem. Spreads are so low and its trading platform works well, without problems of delay. Great broker Join this broker and make money.

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    HashimAmla 2153 days ago Permalink

    5Stars Forex is an excellent broker, I trade with them for a long time and until now, i haven't faced any type of issue. In fact, its customer service department is really efficient, they always solve my problems in a short time of period.

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    JashonRoy 2156 days ago Permalink

    5Stars forex started to provide trading system for its clients for free and all those systems are really powerful. I am very much grateful to them. This facility only for their clients.

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    MartinLinkous 2164 days ago Permalink

    Tight spreads, perfect platform, fast executions, and easy to fund, therefore a perfect rating and well deserved recommendation for5Stars forex. The Forex market analysis is sharp, accurate and informative. They really have true service and passion in helping out customers.

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    WilburHowell 2170 days ago Permalink

    I Have No problem with 5Stars forex broker. Good support, no problems with withdrawal, deposit. And 5Stars's Platform are friendly. So I love it.

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    Samirafx 2173 days ago Permalink

    5Stars Forex is an example of really professional and trustworthy broker. I'm satisfied with spread and execution speed. Withdrawal is fast and convenient. Trading conditions are very good. Maybe I'm lucky, but I really haven't had any problems working with this broker. Any little troubles I had was quickly resolved by the support team. Great Broker Happy to trade with.

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    MagalhaesPurd 2175 days ago Permalink

    I am new trader and I was opened a demo account with 5Stars forex before two month ago. I realized, their platform is great! It's very fast and I haven't encountered any issues. In my opinion, 5Stars forex is one of the best and most reliable brokers and I have traded with them for a long time. So, I will recommend this broker to new trader who are join the forex world just now.

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    AnnaPurniņa 2180 days ago Permalink

    5Stars forex is very trustful and reliable. For deposit and withdrawal there are instantly! , everything is fine! Withdrawal, execution, bonuses, fixed spreads and support team! Never once thought to leave them! Great company!!!

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    Saplakhatun 2185 days ago Permalink

    I am extremely impressed with their fastest Deposit and withdrawal method. I feel my money safe because they have a high level of security. It has solid customer support, webinars and fast execution speed. Highly recommended for online forex, Forex, Currencies Trading, MT4, Forex System, Trading Online.

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    ebonyday 2190 days ago Permalink

    I’ve used several brokers in the past and most of them I couldn't get away from them quick enough. They were all woeful in every department, But 5Stars forex, they are everything you need, with all the trimmings. I never have dramas with customer service as I always speak to the same guy, always! Their spreads are always good and I've never had account problems RE drawing money out of my trading account or technical glitches with the platform.

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    CatherineM 2195 days ago Permalink

    5Stars Forex, is a team of professional which offer high quality service. Very fast platform and tight spread. Fast withdrawal and nice bonuses. I'm happy to work with a trustworthy company, which respects trader needs. Highly recommended for online forex, Forex, Currencies Trading, MT4, Forex System, Trading Online.

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    gonishaga 2199 days ago Permalink

    5Stars Forex is an honest and a great broker that I ever know... Actually I have accounts in 3 Brokers now including 5Stars Forex, and I also traded with many other brokers before... But none of the other brokers can do an Honest business like what 5Stars Forex does... I have two accounts with 5Satrs Forex, and I absolutely have NO problems about trading conditions and Withdrawal... Everything is fast...I am just a trader and I trade with 5Stars Forex for about 6 months now, and I am just telling you about my own personal experience with 5Stars Forex. I am so happy and satisfy to trade with them. I can definitely say that 5Stars Forex is the best and the most honest and great broker. and I would recommend 5Stars Forex to everyone.

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    Alimafx 2202 days ago Permalink

    I have been trading with this broker since 8 months, I have got much experience as they are the best and professional broker by their 50% Withdrawal bonus for their clients. With speedy withdrawals and 24/5 customer support.

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    TimothyBlake 2205 days ago Permalink

    I really like 5Stars Forex Personal account manager is available round the clock, so if I have any questions or technical issues they will always provide professional support. The broker has good spreads and a regular bonus system. A trustworthy broker with a good reputation. This is SMART Broker for SMART Traders.

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    hagjamoon 2209 days ago Permalink

    5StarsForex’s support team is the best ever! Managers are great and I love their approach to the clients. Not only I get the answers in like 3 seconds, but also they ARE really helping. I’d be losing a lot if it wasn’t for the assistance they provide. T hope they continue helping me – I need it desperately!

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    JacobMark 2209 days ago Permalink

    For me 5Stars Forex is the best broker with a good conditions. I am IBs of this broker and I have a personal account manager and when I have questions he really answers and during this period of time I realized that I don't worry about some things 'cause if it's necessary the account manager will help me. A trustworthy broker with a good reputation. This is SMART Broker for SMART Traders.

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    saplafx 2224 days ago Permalink

    I appreciate 5Stars Forex for their honest a, very professional service and trustable to their clients. No problems with their deposits as well as withdrawals. So quick and easy and they as well as allow hedging and scalping. Good executions, nothing bad to say for this broker.

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    Benzincras 2238 days ago Permalink

    I am really glad with 5Stars Forex broker because I could start trading with demo account and learned about Forex trading. After all I opened demo account with 5Stars Forex broker and I deposited $500 at first time and made profit and I withdraw my profit instantly. They provides me tight spreads, 1:500 leverage, fast execution service and customer support is excellent. I really love this broker.

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    JerryA 2243 days ago Permalink

    5Stars Forex is great and highly recommended trustable broker. Love the ECN service they have, very tight spreads, 50% rescue withdraw bonus is so excellent features of this broker. Questions have been always answered so quickly by their support team. I am planning to be the IB of 5Stars Forex.

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    khobirahmed 2246 days ago Permalink

    A modern-looking, responsive design for a very modern broker I got all the information from their website. 5Stars Forex is a very impressive online Forex broker that the moment you access it, you would instantly get what I mean. 5stars Forex is really an excellent broker in the world their customer service is so professional and friendly. You will be impressed with the informative and modern-looking design on www.5starsforex.com

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    Golamkibria 2250 days ago Permalink

    I'm very pleased with the services provided by 5Stars Forex broker. I'm a successful trader certainly, this is thanks to 5Stars Forex because the broker offers the best services and the customer support is always very helpful. Really satisfied and my next goal is to become a partner of the broker.

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    eemakhan0 2267 days ago Permalink

    I have real account on 5Starsforex. 5Starsforex is the best ECN Forex broker in this time there are so many reasons.
    1. Instant cash deposit and withdraw
    2. Best web/mobile trader software for trading
    3. Instant execution
    4. Best live support for 24 hours
    5. Best spread in major currencies.
    6. 50% rescue withdraw bonus
    In one year I have no any issue. I think 5Starsforex is the best broker. Recommended!!!

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    yichang 2279 days ago Permalink

    Best Trading broker, Trustable, Nice Bonus, I made my profit and I took my profit quickly. Recommended this broker to everyone. This is good one.

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