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A sharp rise in U.S. equity prices could be leading to a dangerous bubble, according to one of the three Americans who won the 2013 Nobel prize for economics.
অ্যাজটেকরা এর নাম দিয়েছিল ছোট্ট বর্মঘেরা প্রাণী। নামের স্বার্থকতা রয়েছে বটে। নিজেদের আড়ালে রাখতে আর্মাডিলোরা ভুবনখ্যাত।
There’s a perception that being in developer relations for a browser maker is all glamor and glitz involving lots of jet setting and rockstar-like experiences. So far I haven’t personally found that to be the case but in looking at the life of Opera evangelist Bruce Lawson, I think he may be fitting that description.

Helping fight the good fight for standards, Bruce is constantly on the move either updating his awesome book Introducing HTML5 (which is regarded as one of the best HTML5 books out) or attending developer conferences to read the pulse of the community.

With Opera’s

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