Whilst the world prepares for recovery, some are still wondering what the best way to effectively reduce the risk and protect themselves from the danger of COVID-19 as it continues to cause difficulties across the globe. Despite the World Health Organization’s efforts in providing valuable information that can help minimize the risks of COVID-19 to the public, there’s less specification when it comes to details for business travellers using public and private vehicles.

Transportation sectors, such as chauffeur services are doing their best to keep their clients safe. As soon as the travel restriction is lifted, chauffeur services will adapt their operations in preparation for the new normal travel setup. New policies will be in place, from the usual car cleaning down to accelerated course disinfection and disease transmission prevention. However, it takes more than the knowledge to conduct basic decontamination to minimize the chances of getting exposed to any virus causing diseases.

Are you planning to resume your business travels with a chauffeur service? Read further below and be aware of the best ways how to minimize the risks of COVID-19 with your trusted chauffeur.

Coronavirus Transmission

Following the World Health Organization statement, this virus that had impacted a lot of lives across the world, can be transmitted through nose and mouth droplets when a person coughs, sneezes, or even exhales without covering. COVID-19 virus can spread in any form of unprotected exposure, particularly touching the infected person’s eyes, mouth, and nose. Moreover, these droplets can also be acquired on surfaces or objects exposed to the source of infection.

With this alarming information, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) releases the public guidelines, containing some safety measures that can help prevent or lessen the chance of obtaining the virus. These directives include proper hygiene, washing and sanitizing hands frequently as well as wearing masks when in public places. As for chauffeurs and their vehicles, everyone is advised to perform sanitation before and after operating. CDC also stated that keeping social distancing and utilizing hand sanitizers with at least 60% of alcohol content helps prevent illness and stop the spread of the virus.

However, it takes more than just a clean hand for business travellers to be protected you from the COVID-19 virus. Chauffeured vehicles can also be a potential source of infection when proper sanitation and disinfection are neglected. Thus, it’s better to seek a reliable chauffeur service provider as they will have Duty of Care policies in place to ensure safety.

-Notice and Be Aware of the Right PPE
-Prioritize Customary Vehicle Touchpoints
-Business Travelling Awareness
-Chauffeurs Safety Measures

Keep your business going with the best, safest, and effective transportation service and Chauffeur Service for your business travel.


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