1.Charge for the cake delivery

It is obvious that you will chargee the charge the customer for the delivery and we bitesmecakes1 make sure we charge for the correct reasons when ordering birthday cake delivery in birmingham.Also make sure you don't exploit the customer by charging more than it is supposed to be because the customer might stop purchasing the cake because of expensive delivery charges.

2.Dont forget the option of customization
You can make their day more special if you customize the birthday cake for them.This will show that you have put in an extra effort before ordering the cake for your special one. Before ordering birthday cake delivery birmingham think about the birthday person,their hobbies or interests. It can be anything when comes to bitesmecakes1 we can customize anything according to the customers requirement you can ask your cake makr to create any design on the cake.You can send them a picture if possible also keep in mind the number of guests and accordingly the size of the cake should be decided.

3. Plan ahead and deliver early
Before getting an order of online birthday cake delivery birmingham you must have few questions to ask yourself while planning the delivery.

1.Will i be delivering during rush hour?
2.Have I been to this location before?
3.How long will it take me to get there?
It is a very good sign to deliver anything early on time. It will build a good image of the baker and for sure they will recommend you further too.On the other hand,you will get a chance to arrange everything in order to give a good presentation ofthe cake.
4.Check if the guests are vegan
With the increasing awareness about the health benefits of eating vegetarian food many people in western countries are going vegan these days.At bites me cakes1 before delivery online birthday cakes birmingham check the guest list before ordering and be on the safe side order an extra cake which is a vegan one or you can easily find the vegan cake providers in your city by searching for them online with the name of your city.

5.Carry an extra cake supply kit
We know precaution is better than cure, this goes for cake delivery as well.You never know what would happen to the cake on location and if you dont carry some essentials then all efforts done by the baker go in vain.This kit contains extra frosting, piping bags,fondant,spatula and many more. All these things save you from getting embarrassed in front of your customer.


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